We are going to look at some different mountain bike helmets varying in price. I will be showing you mainly men’s helmets but most are unisex nowadays.

The helmets we will be looking at we’ll be trail, some xc, and all mountain. The helmet is one of the most important parts of your gear so all the helmets that we go over will be MIPS helmets.

SMITH CONVOY– features lightweight construction, MRPS brain protection which reduces impact forces to the head. 20 fixed vents for airflow, 11oz weight size medium. These helmets go for around 80 dollars.

Available in multiple sizes and colors. It is good to see I budget friendly helmet like Smith convoy. You get a good helmet for trail, XC and recreational riding.

The helmet is adjustable it has a dial adjustment system, integrated visor, lightweight single layer webbing. The visor is non-adjustable. The Smith convoy is a good quality helmet for the prize.

BELL 4 FORTY- has MIPS built in to protect your head. The helmet has 15 vents to give you good airflow.

Fit is adjusted buy a dial which adjusts all around the lid of the helmet to give you a snug fit. The shell goes all the way around the lip of the helmet to protect the EPS foam liner underneath.

The padding is good and soft it also has a sweat guide to keep sweat from running down your eyebrows. Weight is 360 G size M. The helmet has a three position adjustable visor. Available in different sizes and colors.

The bell 4 forty is an excellent helmet it offers good protection and comfort. For around 90 to $100 it’s a good deal.

GIRO SOURCE– this helmet comes with an in mold polycarbonate shell it has good coverage over back of head and brow. It also has adjustable screw in visor, comes with 16 vents with internal channeling.

The helmet also comes with MRPS brain protection. Equipped with the rock clock 5 fit system it allows you to turn the fit using a single hand.

Weight is 351G size medium, also has cool fit and microbial padding. This helmet is built specifically for mountain bikers. The source helmet will meet many riders needs.

With good protection, comfortable fit, different colors to choose from and affordable price and also sharp looks. This helmet is a very good choice.price around 100.00 to 130.00.

BELL SIXER MIPS– this helmet comes with fusion in mold polycarbonate shell, four position adjustable visor. It has dual flow ventilation which helps keep you cooler on those long rides.

Weight 395G size medium it also has progressive layering which is variable EPS foam densities to absorb impact better. The helmet has 26 air vents which allows for good ventilation with four just above the brow it also has a sweat guidedpath to help keep sweat out of your eyes.

The sixer has a good comfortable fit, great protection, comes in multiple colors and a good price. Overall this is a good trail all mountain helmet. price around 169.95.

TROY LEE DESIGNS A2 MIPS DECOY– this helmet has 13 vents for good ventilation it weighs 376G has MIPS protection. It features a unique dual density EPS and EPP foam liner.

This helmet has good coverage down the sides and back of head. This helmet offers good comfort and good coverage. The fit of the helmet is controlled by a knob at the back of the head.

The visor will adjust up and down it has breakaway bolts that hold the visor in place. This is a good durable helmet and it offers good protection.

The polycarbonate shell covers all the EPS foam except for inside the vents. This helmet comes with a 3-year warranty. The decoy is not a cheap helmet but it’s not extremely expensive either. MSRP 169.00

GIRO TYRANTS SPHERICAL– features MIPS and spherical technology which allows the outer liner to rotate around the inner during a crash. Hard shell in mold polycarbonate. Which wraps around the lower shell.

The helmet has 14 vents and ventilation at brow line. And internal channeling. It also has the rock loc fit system, weight 600G Size medium.

The helmet has an adjustable visor held by screws. The tyrant. Is a very comfortable helmet. The durability is excellent. The helmet covers good around the brow, ears and back of head.

This is a good trail, All mountain helmet. With the adjust ability, it will fit a wide range of heads. There is not much to complain about on this helmet.

The tyrant offers a lot for the price if you desire good protection, comfort and durability then you might check this one out. price around 160.00.

FOX SPEED FRAME PRO MIPS– this helmet features MIPS impact protection system. It has a removable washable moisture wicking comfort liner, 360 fit system, wait 360G medium, pro version 402g.

Three position visor, in mold construction EPS foam interliner. On the pro version there is 19 vents so this is a well vented helmet. The cradle has five points of adjustments so you can adjust it to set high or low on your head.

The helmet is available in different colors. This is a comfortable, durable, good looking lid that’s a good value for the price. You can get it for about 120.00 to150.00.


Is MRPS worth it- study shows that MRPS and spin helmets are successful in reducing the risk of brain trauma and injuries by 42% to 54%.

Can you use a bike helmet after a crash- when a helmet hits something crushing the foam interliner yes it needs to be replaced. The foam part of the helmet on the interliner it’s designed for one time use. Any type of crash where any part of the helmet is damaged the helmet absolutely needs to be replaced.

When should I replace my MIPS helmet- most companies recommend that a helmet used frequently should be replaced every three to five years.

Should I get a helmet with a visor- if you are a mountain biker yes absolutely. The visor will protect you from the sun, rain and hanging branches.

What’s the benefits of a composite helmet- what are the benefits of a fiberglass composite helmet is they have greater flexibility under impact. Spreads the shock wave out more evenly across the helmet.


All the helmets we have gone over are good sturdy helmets for the price. The helmets are all MIPS and are all suited for trail, XC and recreational riding.

I chose these helmets because of the price, durability and safety all are good picks. I hope this information helps you decide what kind of helmet fits your needs. Dave

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