Today we are going to take a look at the SHIMANO SLX M7100 groupset. We will answer some of the questions you might have and go over the specs.

Some details about the M7100 groupset. The SHIMANO SLXM7100 groupset came out in 2019. DSL XM 7100 it’s supposed to be the next higher level up than the Deore.

It is only marginally better it is 155 grams less than the Deore. To me that’s not a lot it has one aluminum gear on the cassette and the rest is metal. The shifting is similar.

The derailleur is aesthetically different. The crank is one of the biggest differences which the SLX has a hollow crank


The M7120-1 crankset uses the hollowtech ll technology which is a hollow crank arm. That reduces weight and maximizes the rider’s power transfer.

The weight and balance of the crank helps the rider pedal over longer distances. The chainring has a special gear tooth profile that improves chain retention.

Which is called dynamic, chain engagement. I would run a SHIMANO chain with this chainring or on any SHIMANO gear set that’s a one by 12S.

The FC-M7120-1 has a 30t, 32t, 34t options for the chainring. Average weight is 641g (30t) 638g (32t) 653g (34t). The recommended bottom bracket is the threaded BB-MT800 the pressfit is BB-MT800-PA.

The crankarms are available in (165mm) (170mm) (175mm).


The SLM-7100-1 is a right shift lever. The rapid fire plus technology has the two way release that means you can shift with your index finger or your thumb.

The maximum gear you can shift up will be three. The shifter is a bar clamp version. There is another version which mounts to the brake lever SLM-7100-lR. You can only go down one gear at a time with this shifter.


the derailleur supports a 10-51t cassette. It has the SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology which means less change slap and a quieter drivetrain. You can adjust the tension on the clutch. Also, there is an on/off switch so you can disengage the clutch.

The weight is around 316g. The big difference in the SLX and the Deore is the small sprockets on the SLX has bearings and the Deore has bushings. The aesthetics are a little better on the SLX then on the Deore. The pulleys are 13t and it is a low profile design.


The chain has Hyperglide+ technology it is also coated with siltec. This is Shimanos ultra low friction surface treatment. Siltec is an advanced plating process using embedded fluorine particles. Which reduces friction and makes the chain run smoother and lasts longer.


On the SLX M 71112 cassette the 51 tooth gear is aluminum and the rest are metal. It also has the hyperglide+ technology.

The cassette is also a micro spline. So you will need a micro spline hub for it to be compatible. Gear ratio on the 10-51t gear is 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51t.



Which is better Deore or SLX 12s- the difference is mainly in weight and in aesthetics. The SLX cassette has one aluminum gear on the cassette. The deore is all steel gears on the cassette.

The crank is a hollow aluminum crank on the SLX. Which is lighter will and help you crank easier over long distances.

What is the Shimano equivalent to Sram NX Eagle- far as price goes it would be the SLX which is slightly higher than the NX Eagle.

Is Shimano SLX a good Derailleur-yes it is a very reliable and durable derailleur.

Is SLX or XT better- the XT is a higher end option. The performance will be better than the SLX. That don’t mean that the SLX is bad’cause it is very good. But it is lower end compared to the XT but the SLX costs a lot less.

Are SLX and XT Compatible- yes all the Shimano 1X12s SLX, XT, XTR, are compatible. Which, means that all the parts will interchange.


The Shimano SLX 7100 is a good reliable gear set. Shimanos parts are interchangeable all the 1X12s gear sets are inter compatible.

That means you can choose what parts you want to run. Maybe an XT shifter so you can go down two gears at a time.

Aftermarket parts will work with the shimano gear set. One thing to consider is you might not get the full benefit out of the hyperglide+ system.

The shifting is reliable and sufficient. The derailleur works as it should. The adjustable clutch it makes a big difference in reducing chain slap.

The cassette has the lower gear aluminum for me I would have metal. Why because the weight difference is minimal and metal just last longer.

Crank works good and it is durable. The chainrings come in size 30, 32, 34 for me I prefer the 30t chainring. The derailleur is durable and reliable. The shifts are smooth and crisp.

I hope this has given you some good insight on the Shimano SLX M7100 series groupset. Dave





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