I have been looking for a comfortable saddle that I could move around on riding technical trails. The saddle is a very personal part of a mountain bike.

If you get one that is to hard or to narrow it makes your ride very painful. So I was in search of that happy medium. Being a bigger guy at 230 I need a little wider and more padded saddle. I started searching looking at the reviews of different saddles and found out that I needed to know my sit bone measurement.

To find my right width so I did which gives me the size I need to look for in a saddle. I know that all the previous saddles that I tried did not work the way I needed them to most were very uncomfortable. I tried a giant, sdg falcon, wtb silverado, weili, and a diamondback pillow top saddle.

All the saddles that I tried  had either to little padding or they were to soft and to soft will make you sore in a short time.One I had was the diamondback pillow top a very comfortable saddle. I used this saddle for about one and a half years.

I had no problems with comfort but it was a little to large to move around on in tight technical trails.So I looked around and I decided to try the wtb comfort saddle. I ordered one and first I noticed that the front of the saddle was a lot more slender in the front which will make it a lot easier to move to the front of the saddle.

The back was a good bit narrower than the diamondback which will make a lot easier to get back when you are going down technical sections. The padding felt good when I sat on the bike it was good and firm not to soft felt like it would support you really well.

The specs this saddle comes with steel rails gloss black, micro fiber cover, flex tuned shell,dnax padding extra thick,weight is 390g. Width is 172mm and length is 270mm. The first ride I noticed that the padding is very firm but comfortable. One thing that I noticed was that I got a little uncomfortable toward the front of the seat.

So when I got back I adjusted the tilt of the seat a little down and that fixed that problem. the rest of the rides that I have been on with this saddle I have found this saddle to be a good comfortable saddle that you can still move around on. I have posted a couple of pics so you can see what mine looks like.

I believe that this saddle is one I plan to keep and use for a long time. I have not found one yet that is more comfortable and you can still move around on than the wtb comfort saddle. Is this saddle for everyone no it is not. Its a saddle for those looking for a comfortable saddle that you can still move around on.

I have had this saddle on the trails and on the road and it gives me what I was looking for a comfortable saddle that I can move around on.So if you are looking for a saddle that is comfortable the you might want to check this one out. Dave.


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