Today we are going to take a look at flat no clip mountain bike pedals. We are going to look at the best for the price. Also, we are going to answer some questions about flat pedals.

Your pedals are one of the most important parts of your bike. From climbing to descending or maneuvering around roots rocks. Pedals have a huge effect how well you can ride.

Flat pedals have been around for a long time they were popular with BMX riders. You can dismount from them quickly which makes sense when you are doing stunts like the BMX riders do.

Over the years they have become very popular with the mountain bike riders. Pedals have evolved over the years in weight, size and design.

Flat pedals have pins placed in a pattern on the pedals for a good grip. These pins age you when you need to dismount quickly or maintain a good grip through rough sections. Usually there are 10 removable pins in each pedal. Flat pedals is my choice for the grip and easy dismount.

They also make you feel more planted on the bike which makes for better balance when riding. Flat pedals are wider they provide a good solid platform for pedaling.

Which makes it easier to keep balance when pedaling hard or going through rough places. A lot of flat pedals are made from aluminum or composite.

I have used composite panels for years. They have held up and wear good because composite flexes. You don’t have to worry about it bending like aluminum.

I’m not saying I don’t like aluminum they are good but I like the composite better. I like serviceable because you can replace the bearings or bushings in them.

Overtime bearings or bushings will wear out and you can replace them instead of buying new pedals. I’m going to show you some of my picks below.

Some are budget some are not but all are some of the best for the price and durability.


This is a pedal that gets the job done it is a good price point. They are made out of nylon composite which is a good strong material.

These pedals deliver a decent amount of grip. They have 10 pins on each side. The pedals have a platform that measures 120mm x 105mm x 20mm.

These pedals have a good wide platform that let you plant your foot firmly on the pedal. They make you feel more planted and balanced on the pedal.

They come with nylon bearings and yes they are replaceable. But for the price you could easily replace them.

It is easy to reposition your foot on the pedal. Which is really good when you need to in a hurry. They come with three replacement pins if you need them.

They are serviceable these pedals are a good value for the price. They are very functional and give decent performance on the trail.They are a good durable pedals for the price. I have seen them for around 22.00$ that’s a good price for what you are getting.

If you have a smaller shoe size you might want to look at some of the other styles that are smaller. I had an earlier version that was smaller than this new version. I found them to be a little too small for me.

My foot seemed like the edge was always off the pedal a little. So it was a little harder to get your foot back on the pedals in a hurry. The new ones are a lot different your foot feels firmly planted like I stated earlier.These are whole lot better pedal in my opinion.


These are durable and comfortable pedals to have. I have run the stamp one large for a year and have had no problems.  these are a composite pedal.

They also offer an aluminum version. They sit stick close to the crank arm this is a very good feature. The stamp one has nine pins on each side.

The grip on the trail is pretty good. I like the wide platform it makes it easier to get back on the pedals. The wide platform makes you feel more planted.

When going through rough sections the wider platform is easier to keep your footing and balance. They are easier to reposition your foot on at easy to come off of in a hurry.

Overall there are very good pedals for the price. Stamp 1 small recommended shoe size 5-10 US / (37-43 EU) and Stamp 1 large recommended shoe size 10-15 US / (43-49 EU).

They also have Igus ll glide bearings which they will have a much longer life than most of their competitors. They also have a five-year warranty.


These pedals are a good affordable, durable, lightweight pedal. They have a chromoly steel axle and eight pins on each side for grip.

The Chester offers decent grip, a good platform and inexpensive rebuild kits. The platform is comfortable and allows you to have good placement on the pedal.

These pedals were a little on the small side in width for me so if you’re above a ten shoe size they might be a little on the small side in width. If you are a 10 or below you should not have no problems.

The pedal rotation is good they are smooth and rotate freely. They come with cartridge bearing and DU bushings. They are rebuildable which is good if you need to.

Overall if you are looking for an affordable pedal that looks good and is very durable. These are some to consider also they come in different colors.


These are decent pedals for the price. They come in composite or alloy. They come in a variety of different colors.

I ran a pair for about a year and I got good service out of them. They were durable and the footing felt firm and planted. They were smooth and rotated good very impressed for a budget pedal.

They also have a three-year warranty the pedal is made from 6061 aluminum alloy. They are A3 bearing pedal the way it is 0.347lb,4.17 length,4.17 width,0.79 thick.

If you are on a budget or if you are not these pedals are hard to beat for the price. They look good and hold up good.


There are a lot of good pedals out there besides these. I have shown you some of my picks for a good affordable pedal. Three are composite one aluminum alloy.

I myself prefer the composite. I hope this information has been helpful to you. All of these pedals are good durable pedals. They all perform well above their price tag. Dave

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